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2005-2008 Cardio-Vascular Health Grant

Purpose: Affect Positive Changes

  • Information/Skill Building Strategies

  • Environmental Factors

  • Policies/Regulations

These Strategies, factors, and regulations are what make it possible for an individual to practice heart healthy behaviors.

Ultimate Goal: Affect changes in policies so that positive changes are permanent

Funded Projects: Must Reflect population based strategies

Collaboration: The health educator must work in collaboration with other agencies and groups to reach the statewide objectives

Population Based Interventions

    Planned and systematic activities that create change in social systems and environmental conditions at the community level that will influence and support the individual behavior change

Target intermediate populations-leaders, school superintendents, teachers, physicians, and government officials.

  • Policy Adoption

  • Environmental/Systems Change

  • Training

  • Resource/Facility Availability

  • Media Advocacy

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