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Board of Health

*** The Board of Health meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at various locations throughout the county

Board Member Nomination Petition & Qualifications

The Trumbull County Health Department is governed by a five member board. The board members are appointed by the Trumbull County District Advisory Council, which consists of one representative from each township, village, and city in the Trumbull County General Health District.

Agency staffing includes:

  • A clerical and administrative staff
  • A Health Commissioner who must be a licensed physician or possess a masters degree in Public Health
  • Public Health nurses who are registered nurses
  • Public Health sanitarians who are registered sanitarians


Areas Served

All townships, villages, and cities located in Trumbull County are serviced by our office, with the exception of the cities of Warren, Niles, and Girard. These cities operate their own Health Departments for residents of their specific health districts.

The public can telephone, write, or visit our department to access our services.

Other Services

The Health Department continually provides services in the environmental and nursing divisions. However, our department also participates in liaison networks in the community and other public health efforts that include prevention strategies and a number or programs funded by state grants.

All services are important whether they be direct health services by our nursing division, clinic, or the issuance of permits and licenses. All services and programs provided work hand-in-hand to keep the community healthy.

Our office is always available to advise or answer any questions.

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